Musings of the Founder's Mind

In these 11 years of learning & teaching for UPSC CIVIL SERVIES Examination, one biggest learning which I have imbibed is that this journey is transformative. All aspirants start with an aim to become IAS officers. However, the real journey behind this aim is a process of intellectual growth, refinement of personality and discovery of new values.

I strongly believe that who so ever prepares for this exam sincerely, even if they do not become an IAS officer, they will be able serve the society in a better manner. Guided by this belief, I started my journey as a teacher and mentor and have guided 1000s of students in all these years. I feel proud to share that many of my students are serving the country in varying capacities as officers under different departments click here to know more

A teacher plays very important role in clearing the clouds from aspirants’ minds and this, I have observed since my childhood as my father is also a teacher. Inspired by him, I have started living the values of this noble profession. In all these years, I have always been approachable to my students whenever they needed me. Thus approachability, accessibility, openness and holistic guidance are the hallmarks which I strongly believe in.

The journey of civil services preparation does not require only teaching guidance but we also need someone who can understand our emotional state encompassing all spheres of our life.

Thus, it inspired me to become a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH and I am glad to share that as an INTERNATIONAL LIFE COACH now I equip my students with a MINDEST FOR SUCCESS. Not only that, I also take group sessions for the government organizations like FOREST Department, INDIAN ARMY and Corporate sector as well. This gives me immense satisfaction as it fulfills my vision and aim with which I started my journey of Civil services preparation.

Why Us ?

When it comes to UPSC exam preparation, there is absolutely no dearth of guidance and material. But what makes a topper a topper is they focus on quality content. Content relevant to the exam, crisp, complete, holistic is our hallmark

In our past 10 years of experience, we have seen that aspirant community is very heterogeneous – what is difficult for one is easy to the other, what is interesting to one is boring to the other, what is scoring for one is not for the other. This calls for a personalized approach to guidance and handholding which we strongly believe in

Arete is much more than a start-up which concerns itself with providing coaching to civil service aspirants. Arete was started with a higher vision. Every year few hundreds of aspirants become officers and go on to serve the country in various capacities. But we believe there are multiple ways to serve the country. We envision becoming agents of change and using the powerful tool of education to bring about that change in the country.

At Arête Academy, we strongly believe in imbibing excellence in aspirants preparing for Civil Services Examination. The highly competitive examination that UPSC CSE is, it requires a structured and methodical approach to simplify the preparation and ace the exam. We reckon that your GRIT combined with our GUIDANCE can lead you to your GOAL.

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