It is famously remarked that “The right thing to do is not always the easiest thing to do “. This holds true for the GS 4 paper !

spirants believe that Ethics can be easily handled in a week’s preparation. After all ! You just have to write about your life and ethics ! But, this is far from truth. Ethics paper demands a systematic preparation if you want to score 130 + in your Mains Exam. Picking up random but popular notes from the market, learning some quotes by heart, memorising some keywords to be sprinkled here and there in the answers will NOT HELP. If you do this, you will realise in the exam hall that your answers are very generic, you are unable to recollect the appropriate quote/ example/ case study/ anecdotes which can easily give you an edge of over 30 marks in your whole paper. ! Your approach to case studies become very typical and mundane without any innovation and originality. The result of all these is you getting stuck between 90 to 100 marks in your Ethics paper. This is sufficient to bring you down in the overall merit list or to even keep you out of the list.
The need of the hour is not to get anxious or harbour fear about the Ethics paper, rather it is time for action. Unlike the other GS papers which demand a lot of time and energy, Ethics paper only requires small but consistent efforts on your part to score 130+ in it. But aspirants postpone Ethics preparation till the far end and start getting anxious and confused towards the end about how to prepare, what to read, where to practice answers and how to add value to answers to make it rich and unique. A lot of time is lost in this last moment hurried and irrelevant preparation, which won’t help you in increasing your score in the Ethics Paper.
Instead, start early, start slow and be consistent in practice. You will definitely reap rich rewards if you do this. It is here where our ETHICS CRASH COURSE will help you in equipping you with right set of tools to cover Ethics.

Features of crash course
  •  Holistic And thorough revision of the entire syllabus in 15 days
  •  Focus on conceptual clarity of all relevant ethics terminologies/keywords
  • Empowering you with rich, value added content - anecdotes, quotations, case studies, teachings of moral thinkers, examples - which will make your answers stand apart from the rest
  • Live answer writing practice along with discussion to empower you on how to write answers, dimensions to cover, making answers original and innovative
  • Detailed Discussion of previous year questions in the class for each sub topic
  •  One page Mindmap for each unit for quick revision
  • Value added material to enrich content
  • Workshop on case studies - free
  • Toppers session on how to maximise your score in ethics