Current Affairs is one of the most exciting aspect of civil services preparation, it acts as fuel and catalyst for all the stages of the UPSC CSE examination. More than 80 % of the questions asked in PRELIMS or MAINS are directly or indirectly based on Current Affairs.

Because of its humongous nature, Current Affairs has been always a nightmare for the aspirant community, and in addition to it the market and YouTube is flooded with Current affairs material and compilation.
Amidst all these materials and race to finish them, we always miss to learn the application aspect of the information from the current affairs- be it for PRELIMS or MAINS. Application does not come naturally until and unless you have given years to UPSC preparation or have learnt it from others mistakes.
Realising the importance and pain of aspirant community, we have curated ARETE Current Affairs Exclusive (ACE) Program, as part of which we are coming with a CLASSROOM MODULE where we will teach Current Affairs from the newspapers in holistic manner from PRELIMS and MAINS point of view.
The course has been curated specifically from examination point of view, where from the very first day focus will be on learning and application. It will help in imbibing excellence using which you must aim to get rank within top 100 in the UPSC’s HOLY LIST.